The other night I dreamt my family and I were moving into a new home near the sea. We were dealing with all the unpacking and other business that goes along with relocating. Before heading back to the old house to pick up more boxes we decided to stop and visit the beach.

The beach was mostly grey sand and grey water with no vegetation, no animals, and no waves. It was eerily quiet. There were very few people there. I thought, how dead and barren this beach is! I sat on the sand and noticed a man staring at something right in front of him using tiny binoculars. I thought how strange. Normally you use binoculars to look at things far away. Another man, who looked like a vagrant, was shouting obscenities in an angry rant.

I dove into the water to see what might be under the water. I saw the same barren sand but I noticed an object and upon picking it up I found it was a small telescope. I used it to look at the sand and through it I could see tiny tips of vegetation and tiny fish swimming all around. I reached into the sand to uncover the plant and pulled up flowers, succulents, and seaweed. The water became clear and I could see the sun bouncing off the tiny gold flecks floating everywhere. It was beautiful! I went back to sit upon the beach and dug my hands into the sand and sure enough, there under the sand were beautiful plants. Then insects, birds, and sand crabs showed up.

I looked at everything differently. The grumpy old man that was sitting on the beach was suddenly full of stories of adventure, love, sadness and a long life lived.

So, perspective. Choosing to look deeper. Remembering that there is always more than what your eyes can see. Dig deeper!

Last year I had an oracle reading for 2018. My reader used the Earth Magic oracle deck by Stephen D. Farmer. Today I looked back at it and read my spring forecast. The card she pulled was Milky Way, Perspective! Earth Magic Oracle by Stephen D. Farmer

Yes, it’s time to reassess. It’s time to change my perspective.

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