Faith in the Process

  October 27th 2018 

Sacred Rebels Oracle

I asked Spirit to give me light.  

I drew card number 32: Faith in the Process 

A woman is on her knees with hands together in prayer. She looks worn and tired. There are two birds looking ahead of her. One is perched on her back the other stands in front of her. She is naked. The entire card is black and white except for the wagon the woman is sitting in. It is bright red and in the place of the Radio Flyer logo is the word faith. Faith is carrying her and the birds are her guides. They are watching over her and looking to her future

This card is saying that I don’t have to worry. Have faith, be humble, and trust my guides. Spirit has taken much from me lately. I can’t get to where I’m going with all that stuff. Now that I’m free from the weight of the stuff I thought I needed, Spirit can carry me forward. My light today is faith. Change is coming.

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