Good Morning

Today I began my day right. You see, I struggle to be an early riser. I tend to stay up late and wake up late as a result. But truthfully, if I’m gonna get some quiet time, time to really feel into myself and what’s going on, the morning is the best time for it. I also love how it sets the mood for the rest of my day. This morning I lit my altar, brewed some tea, did some journaling, and did a little pendulum work. I feel so much more calm, more hopeful, more in tune really. I want to make this a more regular practice. Right now I’ve been able to wake early enough for this a few days a week. I’m gonna try to change that to everyday. Well, here’s to developing new habits! Healthy habits. Have a beautiful and blessed day my loves.


It’s beginning to feel a lot like spring. For the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on gardening. Getting my seeds planted and preparing good healthy soil. I’m making sure it is well fertilized to nourish this year’s plantings. It’s still cold and wet where I’m at but I see the days getting longer and blossoms starting to pop up around town. Spring is near. It makes me think of our human cycles. I had a very hard year last year and it’s felt like I’ve been in a holding pattern so far this year. I am hopeful for the future but I’m not sure how I’m gonna get there. This is okay. Sometimes we are like those seeds in the ground. We tend to the soil and make sure we’re caring for them each day. It’s not easy for a seed to push through the dirt. Once it does and it’s leaves unfurl it begins to feel not only the nurturing cool caress of the earth on its roots but it feels the warmth of the sun. It follows instincts and stretches up for the warmth and stretches down deep into the soil for nourishment. That little seed eventually grows strong and resilient. Standing up to rain and wind, heatwaves and pests. I am that seed.

Going into the Darkness

Maybe it’s just the dark moon, but I’ve been feeling the turning into myself a lot lately. Yesterday was probably the strongest pull I’ve felt in a while. I barely got out of bed. My dreams have been heavy and dark. There have been tears and moments of numb. I couldn’t focus properly on any one thing. I got nothing accomplished on my to do list. I spent the majority of the day just spinning between intense feelings and then nothingness until I would doze off, only to awake and do it all again.

Initially I tried to fight it for the sake of my family. While I don’t mind going into the darkness for a time, I always try to be mindful of pulling others into it with me. However, yesterday’s pull was too intense to simply “put on” a smile and fake it. The darkness demanded of me and so I followed.

Today has been a little brighter. I feel more grounded and protected. The rawness of yesterday has been soothed. Like a seed gone to ground. A seed is often blown around and beat by the sun for a time until it finally finds a place in the soil to root. The earth covers it in its nurturing darkness. The earth feeds and protects it. The seed begins to root and slowly it will reach for the sun.

I will rest in this darkness and learn what it is that I must in order to grow. The darkness isn’t easy, but I feel more myself and real when I am within it. I am glad for it. Cycles…

My Dad

My Dad! So, let me tell you a little bit about my Dad. My Dad is amazing. He makes works of art and music. He comes from an artistic family! I grew up listening to him sing. I always loved listening and singing along. He and my Mom raised us with lots and lots of music!

When I was a kid my Dad was the fun one. My Mom was mostly seriousness and business, but not Dad. He was always play and music. I remember my Dad and I listening to Hendrix and pretending to play the guitar when I was little. He would take me out to the park to watch my mom play baseball. He’d carry me on his shoulders and the entire world would look so awesomely different. He is so tall. I used to feel like I was sitting on the shoulders of a giant.

Things weren’t always easy. Life happens and I saw him struggle. What I didn’t realize then is that he also taught me how to be strong. My Dad has endured so so much in his life. He doesn’t go around talking about it all the time, if at all, but he’s a survivor. Through everything, he still loves. He still looks for beauty and joy. He still creates beauty and brings joy. He is strong and full of love with a sensitive heart and I love him with all my heart. He’s my Dad and I wouldn’t want it any other way.



After a long soak, many tears, and a cleansing of fire and water, I have found my way to forgiveness…    at least for a while.

See, there are things that I’ve been through that have significantly changed the way I see the world and the way I walk in it. The most significant being becoming a Mother, the loss of my Mom, and the loss of my best friend.  Today I want to talk about the loss of  two beautiful women that mean so much to me.

My Mom and I had an amazing bond. She taught me how to love. She loved unconditionally.  No one that met her left her without feeling or sensing her amazing spirit. Not everyone reacted to it the same way, but everyone felt it. She had gone through a lot and managed to not allow it to dim her light. She went through seasons the way we all do but she always found her way back to joy.  She always found a reason to keep loving and that love made her glow.

She became very ill and I became a full-time nurse to her. I didn’t do it alone though. My Dad was there through it all. I watched it take its toll on him too and I felt helpless to help them both through it. I did what I could the best that I could but in the end my Mom decided it was time to leave this world. She wasn’t able to speak or write in the end. The official decision to turn off her life support came down to me.  I will never forget the doctor walking into the room and breaking the news to me and asking me to sign all these papers.


A signature…. Never had I hated my signature so much. Something so seemingly small and insignificant. Yet there it was, my signature on the papers that gave the hospital permission to release my Mom from this life. I stayed with my mom for a while after the doctor left with those papers. She was awake but in a lot of pain. I didn’t know what to do so I did the only thing that I could think of, I sang to her the way she used to sing to me.  She loved music. She always encouraged me to sing but I was always so shy that I rarely sing in front of others. In that moment though, I couldn’t think of what else to do but to sing. While I sang to her she finally fell asleep and I felt her grip on my hand release as she drifted into a much needed drug induced and pain-free sleep. Her life support machines wouldn’t be turned off until 2 days later to allow time for family to come and say their goodbyes. I left shortly after she fell asleep and broke the news to my family and began the preparations need to accommodate visiting family and her memorial service. I was in a horrible head space.

I wasn’t okay. I felt the worst guilt. I loved her so very very much, but I couldn’t save her! I couldn’t will her to life. I couldn’t pray her to life. I couldn’t do anything but lose her. I tried so hard and failed. The grief was un-measurable. I still feel it and some days it is still crippling, but most days I get by okay.

My best friend died a few years later. She left behind 4 beautiful children. She was a spirit full of energy and love. She was my cheerleader! She would always encourage me to go after my dreams and to do those things I loved. We spent a lot of time together.  We loved baking, cooking, and sneaking away to take mini day adventures. And I cannot forget the nights spent listening to music and dancing the night away. She was an excellent dancer! Sadly, she suffered from self-esteem and self-worth issues almost all her life; however, she would be the first person to tell you how beautiful and worthy you are. She was beautiful both inside and out but she couldn’t see it. She was always there to give whatever she could to someone that was in need. Sometimes giving more than she should. We had known each other for over 20 years and were more like sisters than anything else.


She had undergone a major life changing surgery in the hopes of starting a new life. She wanted, more than anything, to find a good man and have a family that she could love and care for. Sadly, the combination of low self-worth and a generous heart resulted in her getting into relationships with men that fathered her children but would never be their Dad or her husband. She fell into relationships of abuse, both physical and mental.  She began a quick and horrible descent into addiction. I watched and had no idea how to help her. My own fear of not being able to save her just like I couldn’t save my mom kicked in big time. I didn’t know what to do to help her. She had moved a long distance from me and I felt so helpless. In the end she would call me multiple times a day and not say anything but instead play music for me over the phone.  Music that had memories attached. Music that said what she couldn’t. Music….  she loved music so much and had the most beautiful voice. At the end though, she couldn’t sing anymore. Her body was shutting down and was in too much pain. She died alone. Her children had been taken and her fiancé had abandoned her.

There I was again. I couldn’t save her. My love, no matter how great, wasn’t enough. There was that same ugly and debilitating pain that had been haunting me since my Moms death. It came back with a vengeance.

I became so afraid.  I wanted to hide. I wanted to not have to feel yet I wanted to feel punished somehow for failing them so badly. I wanted to say how sorry I was. I wanted to know why I am still here and they are not. I am not anymore worthy or important or loved than they were. So why are they gone and I’m here? I think of all the things I could have done differently. All the things I should have noticed earlier. All the ways I let them down. All the reasons I was to blame.

I have recently been talking to a close friend about starting or becoming a part of a community that could help people. A place where people could be themselves and know that they will be loved. A community of respect and acceptance. I want to be able to make a positive impact on those around me and to also be impacted by others and their humanness and their stories. I want to forge a connection from one soul to the next with love, acceptance, honesty, compassion, and patience. My friend has been encouraging me to take steps to use my own gifts and skills to help others as a part of building this community I seek. There’s one big problem I keep facing.  What if I fail, again? What if I miss important signs? What if I lose someone I love again? How can I think I can help anyone when I couldn’t help people I loved so deeply? Clearly, I am not the person to offer help, right?

Well, today I asked forgiveness. I’ve asked forgiveness from my Mom and my Friend in the past and I know that they have forgiven me. Being honest, I know that they do not blame me for what they went through. They are simply those types of souls.

Today, I asked for and gave forgiveness to myself. I humbled myself and looked at myself the way I would at them. I am not in control of all things.  I am only me. I can only do my best in the moment and in the situation. I have learned a lot from these experiences and would probably do things differently had I known then what I know now. But I am no different than anyone else in that I am learning all the time. Hind sight is 20/20. I know that I loved them. I know that they knew I loved them. I know that I told them just what they meant to me. They were some of the biggest parts of my universe, and you know what, they still are. I will take the lessons I’ve learned and move forward. They never hid their light. They didn’t hold back their love or their gifts. My mom shared her cooking, and her love of music and gardening with everyone. My friend shared her lovely voice, witty sense of humor, and delicious baking with all.  They both readily shared their big loving hugs! I will too.


Today, in a candlelit bath, I forgave myself.  I released myself today to push past my fears and to open my heart with love. I burned 2 candles and fed one all those things that I feared. I fed it all my self blame and all my regret. I allowed myself to feel all the pain and just let it all be burned up. I let that candle burn itself out. The second candle I fed my hopes and desires, those things I wish to manifest. I spent time in meditation focusing on the flame’s glow. I allowed my heart to be filled with possibility and a connection to the universe, to that which is in us all.

I allowed the water to run over me and cleans me and then I let it all drain away. Feeling a newness, a rebirth, a new dedication to living and loving fully. Once all was done, I blew out that last candle with a promise, forgiveness, and with peace.

I don’t know what this will manifest in my life. All I know is it is time to stop hiding and time to start sharing, living truly,  and loving again.

Grief is hard. I know.

This work isn’t done, I’m sure. I believe in cycles. I believe that this work of forgiveness and opening my heart will come up again and again. I promise to meet it every time in whatever way I need to.  No more hiding.

To anyone reading this who may identify with those feelings of grief, loss, and regret, keep going. Forgive yourself. Do not hide yourself from the world, it needs you.



The other night I dreamt my family and I were moving into a new home near the sea. We were dealing with all the unpacking and other business that goes along with relocating. Before heading back to the old house to pick up more boxes we decided to stop and visit the beach.

The beach was mostly grey sand and grey water with no vegetation, no animals, and no waves. It was eerily quiet. There were very few people there. I thought, how dead and barren this beach is! I sat on the sand and noticed a man staring at something right in front of him using tiny binoculars. I thought how strange. Normally you use binoculars to look at things far away. Another man, who looked like a vagrant, was shouting obscenities in an angry rant.

I dove into the water to see what might be under the water. I saw the same barren sand but I noticed an object and upon picking it up I found it was a small telescope. I used it to look at the sand and through it I could see tiny tips of vegetation and tiny fish swimming all around. I reached into the sand to uncover the plant and pulled up flowers, succulents, and seaweed. The water became clear and I could see the sun bouncing off the tiny gold flecks floating everywhere. It was beautiful! I went back to sit upon the beach and dug my hands into the sand and sure enough, there under the sand were beautiful plants. Then insects, birds, and sand crabs showed up.

I looked at everything differently. The grumpy old man that was sitting on the beach was suddenly full of stories of adventure, love, sadness and a long life lived.

So, perspective. Choosing to look deeper. Remembering that there is always more than what your eyes can see. Dig deeper!

Last year I had an oracle reading for 2018. My reader used the Earth Magic oracle deck by Stephen D. Farmer. Today I looked back at it and read my spring forecast. The card she pulled was Milky Way, Perspective! Earth Magic Oracle by Stephen D. Farmer

Yes, it’s time to reassess. It’s time to change my perspective.

A Moment of Respite

Yesterday my husband and I went to the movies. We don’t go often so this was sort of a date for us. It was nice and we enjoyed the film.

On our way into the theater we were stopped abruptly by two large yellow butterflies that fluttered right in front of us. We both just stopped and watched them dance for at least 30 seconds or more. They were so close we could’ve touched them. I thought for a second to pull out my phone to record them but then thought otherwise. These were something special. My husband and I both felt it. They were there to tell us something. We were both quiet but smiling at such a sight. When they finally fluttered away, I was left feeling joyful.

Some say yellow butterflies represent good tidings, joy, prosperity, and success. I certainly felt joy and I welcome all the rest!

It has been a very rough few weeks here at home. A lot of changes and transitions. Emotions have been high. Months ago I began getting tarot and oracle readings foretelling a time of storms. A time where my home would be torn down in order to be rebuilt. Well, that time is now. While it’s been difficult, I trust that we will end up right where we’re supposed to be.

Watching those butterflies were a much needed moment of simple joy and peace. A bit of respite. A chance to catch my breathe as I finish riding out this storm. I’m ready.